Warm Kale salad with Tempeh

Warm Kale salad with Tempeh

By VEGANvita

Though this would be great for dinner, you can also enjoy it for lunch. It’s so quick and easy, I’ve made it in the morning while getting ready for work.

· 1 10 oz package of organic kale

· 1 package marinated tempeh strips, flavor of choice

· 1 tomato, chopped

· 1-2 tbsp Bragg’s liquid aminos

· 2 tsp sesame seeds

· 3 tbsp nutritional yeast

· 1 tbsp garlic puree or crushed garlic

· Black pepper to taste

Place Bragg’s liquid aminos and ½ cup water in a large pan over medium heat, add garlic. Empty entire contents of kale in pan (the kale should be pre-washed). Add chopped tomato, sprinkle nutritional yeast evenly, and cover half way with lid, allowing the steam to escape.


In a separate smaller pan, cook tempeh strips with a few tablespoons of water (oil is not necessary, you just have to watch the tempeh!). Turn when lightly browned).


The kale will be done when slightly wilted, but still bright green in color (about 5-7 min). This light steaming will take out the bitterness; yet retain most of the nutrients.


Turn off the heat, sprinkle sesame seeds and black pepper over kale and top with cooked tempeh strips.

You can serve this with brown rice for a full meal and if you are looking for more energy sustaining calories.

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