2018 Plant Milk Challenge

Whether for the animals, human health, or the environment —or all three— more and more people are choosing to ditch dairy and make the switch to kinder, healthier, more sustainable, nutrient dense, plant-based foods!

And with so many delicious varieties to choose from, plant-based milk is the perfect way to dip your toes (err, tongue) into trying the dairy-free lifestyle. And Compassion Champs is here to help!

Click here to participate in our 10-day #PlantMilkChallenge running January 10-20th, and automatically be entered to win incredible prizes! In this group, you will find plentiful resources, tips, recipes, and recommendations for taking the plunge into plant-based milks. Additionally, several world-class athletes— who, like so many others, have all achieved optimal health and performance on a plant-based diet— have created short motivational videos just for YOU, our #PlantMilkChallenge pledges! We’ll be sharing those, along with inspiration and insights from Compassion Champs founder and Olympic medalist, Dotsie Bausch. In fact, Dotsie will be there to walk you through the #PlantMilkChallenge step by step!

The #PlantMilkChallenge group is also intended as a space for you to connect with others who are trying out plant-based milks, and who are interested in exploring a plant-based lifestyle. If you’ve got questions, thoughts, or encouragement for other pledge members, please feel free to post those.

So, are you ready to turn over a new leaf? To take control of your health, and create a better world for friends, family, future generations, and all our fellow earthlings? Good for you. Because it’s never too late to live your values, and, sometimes, turning over a new leaf means turning over a new life.

*The #PlantMilkChallenge is sponsored by Compassion Champs, Milk Hurts, and Mothers Against Dairy. Click the links to learn more about our sponsors.

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