Michael Kors Commits to Going Fur-Free in 2018

Dec 15, 2017

Photo: A raccoon dog mother with her cubs in a fur farm, Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Friday, December 15, 2017

Fashion giant Michael Kors announced today that it will be going fur-free, with production being phased out by the end of December 2018. This decision comes after years of public protests and petitions. Fur pieces will no longer be shown at the company’s runway shows, and no more animals will suffer and be killed for Michael Kors fashion.

“As an activist this news is thrilling! Do not ever doubt the waves your voice can make or be afraid to speak out against injustice. I truly believe that Michael Kors was awakened by the voices of those who refuse to stand idly by as animals are tortured and cruelty-free alternatives exist. Activism works; get out there and spark some change. Let’s keep the momentum going towards a fur-free future.”

-Meredith Schriver

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