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Welcome to the Compassion Champs Mentorship Program! We are here to provide you with free, one-on-one coaching to help you thrive on a plant-based diet. It’s not that following a plant-based diet is hard; once you have the information, you won’t think twice about what to eat. However, sometimes the transition can be seem a bit daunting. Don’t stress! Our Compassion Champs mentors will support you in your transition, helping you navigate every obstacle and overcome every hurdle.

Compassion Champs mentors are knowledgeable, personable, and nonjudgmental. They have all experienced tremendous personal growth by following a plant-based diet, and they are passionate about sharing this awesome plant-based power with others. All mentors are committed to fitness and feeling great from the inside out, and all have a comprehensive knowledge of plant-based nutrition and delicious plant-based foods. They also understand that giving up animal products can be a challenge, and that not everyone can make the switch over night. Whether you are ready to drop all animal products, or if you need to do so gradually, our mentors will help you get there, no matter how long it takes.

Going plant-based is not a sacrifice, it is a lifelong enhancement. You can make a world of difference for your health, the animals, and the planet just by improving your diet. You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner! Sign up with your email address below or simply email us at and meet your mentor today!

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