Italian Night

Italian Night

*Choose any pasta you love, cooked al dente. You can use wheat pasta, or rice, artichoke or chickpea pasta. The choices are limitless! Just NO egg pasta please.
* Add Field Roast brand Italian “sausages” ( or Tofurky Italian “sausages” either grilled on the outdoor bbq or sliced thin and sauté up in a pan.
*If you are going to sauté’ in a pan; add fresh chopped garlic, a few dashes of lemon pepper and oregano to the “sausages”
*For the sauce, I like to keep it simple. Dice fresh tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil OR you can use an organic red pasta sauce OR a fresh vegan pesto sauce.
*Add sautéed or steamed broccoli, mushrooms, spinach and sliced red peppers.
*Top with pine nuts (full of protein and iron), finely chopped fresh basil and vegan Parmesan cheese. (check out the Follow Your Heart brand of parmesan cheese or you can use Nutritional Yeast, which has a delicious nutty, rich, cheesy flavor and its loaded with B vitamins)

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