A Different Kind of Resolution: The Vast Reach of One Decision

Jan 1, 2018

By Meredith Schriver

It’s only hours into 2018 and many of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. We want to better ourselves, help those around us, and do our part to make the world a better place – which usually means a lofty list of resolutions.

But what if I told you that you can roll everything up into just one resolution? You can start 2018 by being the best version of yourself while literally saving lives, taking a stand against inequality, and living a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. All you have to do is….

Go vegan!


Yes, the key to a better world and a better you is that simple, and with the rise of vegan restaurants and brands, being vegan is easier than ever. Here are some of the ways going vegan will impact you and the world.

The animals: Animals are clear winners when it comes to veganism. 98% of the animals who end up on our plates come from factory farms where they are bred to live in filthy and painful conditions. Those on “organic” and “free-range” farms do not live much better (if at all) and are still mercilessly slaughtered. Not to mention the millions of animals killed for “fashion” or tested on in laboratories for cosmetics and household items. The only way to truly help these animals is to live a vegan lifestyle. Compassion Champs Vegan dairy free animal lover are you in their corner? baby cow Veganuary, vegano, almond milk, got milkEvery vegan annually saves an average of 198 animals by not eating or using animal flesh, fur, or secretions. Just think of what that means for the animals as the number of vegans continues to rise. (For more information, check out the documentary Earthlings.)

The only way to truly help these animals is to live a vegan lifestyle.

The environment: These days it seems we are all environmentally conscious, but driving fuel-efficient cars, taking shorter showers, or using energy-saving light bulbs pales in comparison to the ways a vegan lifestyle benefits the environment. The facts are largely ignored; according to a United Nations report, animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, even more damaging than the exhaust of all modes of transportation worldwide. It is also largely responsible for deforestation, ocean dead zones, and both water and air pollution. (For more information, watch Cowspiracy on Netflix.)

Environmental justice: Factory farms in the United States are disproportionally located in poverty-stricken and rural communities of color. Those who live within proximity to factory farms suffer from high rates of respiratory ailments, cancer, experience a lower quality of life, and their water and air are polluted with manure and bacteria. Sadly, the bottom line is that the economic gain of factory farms is seen as more valuable than the lives of those in the community. So, every time you purchase meat, eggs, or dairy, you are unwittingly condoning and contributing to systemic racism. (Google “environmental racism and factory farms” for more information.)

There is a reason you are seeing a rise of athletes talking about plant-based eating.

Your health: There is a reason you are seeing a rise of athletes talking about plant-based eating. No matter what sport – tennis, weight-lifting, MMA, running, cycling, football, basketball, surfing, snowboarding, and more – vegan athletes are everywhere and they are dominating their sports. Patrik Baboumian vegan athlete strong man plant-based weightlifter eat plants Veganuary go veganThat is not a coincidence. The simple fact is this: humans do not need animal products to survive; in fact, we live and thrive so much more efficiently on a plant-based diet. Most people cannot properly digest cow’s milk, and meat is scientifically linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, and a plethora of other health ailments. Why would anyone want to consume anything with such risks? (For more information, watch What the Health on Netflix.)

Just one resolution has such a wide reach, and Compassion Champs is here to support you and your vegan journey every step of the way. Follow us on Facebook, look through the resources on our website, stay motivated by participating in challenges throughout the year, and spread the word!

You are just in time to join our ten-day Plant Milk Challenge beginning on January 10, 2018. Follow the hashtag #PlantMilkChallenge on social media and join the challenge group of the same name on Facebook for tips, recipes, prizes, advice, and more!


We’re here for you – let’s change the world in 2018.

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