• The Power of Example, matters a lot more than the example of power.

    Join our journey to rescue farm animals!

    Shining Light On The Truth

    60 Billion animals are brutally mistreated and killed every year in our modern agricultural food system. We're on a mission to change that!

    We believe in life!

    We believe in life for ALL beings and the opportunity to live the best life, to thrive and to be free.

    You choices today can save thousands of animals!

    Your donation goes directly to animal rescue!

  • Our Purpose

    To educate humans on the immense and widespread suffering of farm animals world wide and via the astonishing stories of multiple rescued animals, encourage a change in diet to a planet friendly, health centered, compassionate way of eating. We believe the only way to stop the suffering is to STOP the support.


    Our Olympian founder coined the term "Olympic Level Compassion" to encapsulate our belief that each person has the potential to spread goodness in a unique, monumental and far-reaching way. Surely we all consider the people we want to be and the world we want to see. We urge you to recognize your ability to help bring that image to life. To adopt a plant-based lifestyle is simply to acknowledge that compassion falls into your worldview and to act accordingly.


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